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ultra keto fuel are different types of diet pills which work in different ways. For example, 7 Keto is an awesome metabolic enhancing compound that helps to reduce body weight and body fat by giving you more of a hormone that tells your thyroid to increase your metabolism. Then there is Hoodia by itself, not combined with other compounds, which appears to affect the brain by making the stomach feel full and reducing the desire to eat. Diet Pills available over the counter (OTC) contain a combination of medications, usually phenylpropanolamine (PPA) and caffeine, which act to control appetite. Caffeine, also a stimulant, results in increased alertness and decreased drowsiness and fatigue when taken in low doses (50-200 mg). Caffeine also has some weak appetite-suppressant properties.Multivitamins should also be used as a supplement as they help you maintain the muscle that you have by providing nutrients your cells need. While ephedra has been banned, another supplement of choice has become green tea extract, which is a stimulant of the same nature as ephedra.


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