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<a href="]gaze beauty</a>  I could go on and on about the particulars of eating, sharing recipes for both eating and slathering on your face, hair and body (well I guess you could eat these recipes too!) and my once a week liquid body fasting day; suffice to say how excited I am to share these tips with you because they've served me well in my own life. I'm so passionate about living this way that I've not been to a doctor since I was 17 years old (except to have my children because back then mid wife's weren't popular and I was so young that I followed the crowd and ignored my intuition). Oh, and our Kineseologist from time to time because I am active and love his adjustments! Although I honor every woman's choices to take care of her self, I have gone the holistic route and am constantly taken for someone way younger than my driver's license says I am! I get such a chuckle out of the surprised looks and comments that we all end up laughing and laughing is a good thing! Which is just icing on the cake so to speak, because I care more about feeling beautiful, clear and clean on the inside, then simply enjoy beautifying the outside because I'm a girly girl!


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