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Diamond Keto 247 good sugars - first generation products normally use cheaper processed cane sugar. This lowers cost, raises calories and does not provide as effective absorption as other naturally derived Quality counts in everything - clothes, food, furniture, etc. Manufacturers will skimp on more costly ingredients to lower costs in this competitive market. Look for:Next generation products are characterized by a balance of essential electrolytes support cellular re-hydration, energizing carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy; powerful antioxidants protect your body from fatigue and soreness and no caffeine. Nothing wrong with caffeine, it just not needed for hydration. They are a healthier alternative to high-calorie/high-sugar beverages. These first generation products are usually higher in sugar and lower in nutrition. They help but second or next generation products take advantage of the latest in technology and science to deliver more effective and lower cost hydration. Don't be fooled into spending your money for current "vitamin enriched" tap water with extra sugar or worse yet, no carbohydrates - you may feel good visiting the bathroom more often but it's a waste of money.


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