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Cheese is the top food on the diet list of non-dieters

Cheese is the top food where to buy fresh cheese in saigon on the diet list of non-dieters. However, cheese is rich in calcium, which can enhance the ability to burn calories and fat. Not getting enough calcium in the body will lead to the production of more calcitriol - a hormone that causes fat accumulation.

Scientists from the University of Tennessee, USA found that a low calorie diet but adding 300-400mg of calcium per day will help to lose weight much more effectively. But you should eat calcium-rich foods that are more effective than taking calcium pills. And cheese contains about 200mg calcium / 28g so eating cheese does not cause fat, it also helps to lose weight effectively. Not only that, eating cheese properly also brings many health benefits such as:

Provides minerals for the body: Cheese contains high levels of calcium (6 times in milk) and vitamin D (helps the body absorb calcium), along with folic acid, zinc, phosphorus and vitamins A, B2, B12, and K2. The interesting fact is that if calcium, vitamins K2 and D3 are particularly good at protecting the bones, brain and heart, cheese is a food that contains all three.
Prevent tooth decay: Cheese stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth, helping to remove food stuck on teeth, gums, which can help keep teeth clean. In addition, the casein in cheese also helps protect tooth enamel by forming a thin film on the tooth surface, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Good for the eyes: Cheese is also high in vitamin A, which is important for maintaining eyesight, promoting mucosal and corneal health against eye infections and helping to prevent diseases. eye as macular degeneration, reduced vision.

Preventing osteoporosis: Calcium and vitamin D are the two main components that make up bones. Cheese helps provide the body with calcium deficiency, helping to maintain strong bones. The B vitamins in cheese also help the body absorb and distribute calcium more effectively, limiting the state of calcium in the body that is not fully consumed.


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